School of Language

Artist:  School of Language
Album:  Sea from Shore [released February 4, 2008]
File Under:  Brit Pop
Recommended if You Like:  Rock Symphonies
Featured Track:  Extended Holiday

It wasn’t until I took my Sonos player off shuffle and listened to this album in its entirety did I actually ‘get it’.  Now I can’t stop listening to it and the more I do, the better it gets. Testament to a great album and an exceptional musician by the name of David Brewis, member of the on-hiatus group Field Music.  The songs are exquisitely constructed and I love the way he plays with structures and sounds. 

The album is almost entirely a solo project showcasing David’s genius and is a true album experience.  Like a mini rock symphony, the album starts and ends with a series of songs called ‘Rockists Part 1 and 2’ and ‘Rockists Part 3 and 4’.  Parts 1 and 4 are different versions of the same song but strung together and listened to in it’s entirety, is a stunning arrangement.  

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