Rock the Vote

I knew our household had been over saturated with political propaganda when our three year old started to refer to his willie as his ‘John McCain’.  No kidding.  When asked what he was doing with his hands down his pants recently he replied matter-of-factly, ‘I’m playing guitar with my John McCain.’  

Yeah that’s right.  My kid plays air guitar with his penis.  But lest you think my child is a complete Neanderthal, he also said after seeing Obama on the news, ‘That’s Barack Obama.  He’s my president.’

So please, don’t let my kid down. Get out there today and vote for Obama. Otherwise I’m going to have to explain to my kid that John McCain is his president, not a dick. And I’d really rather not have that conversation.  Besides, how can you resist a kid that rocks out to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs in footie PJs?


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