New Wheat Album Coming Soon – MP3


Wheat, “H.O.T.T

I like Wheat.  I wonder if their name was inspired by the 70s rock band Bread.  Or if they would have named their band Wheat had they formed during the low carb craze.  Decidedly lo-fi and low key, this indie band has been rocking for more than 10 years running.  Their newest effort, “White Ink, Black Ink” is due out July 21 on The Rebel Group.

Here’s a new track off the album, “H.O.T.T”. Ain’t these lyrics the truth…

“Half of the time I feel broke, cracked, peeled and weathered/ Half of the time I feel shiney and new. Half of the time I feel I’m clever/ half of the time I just haven’t a clue.”

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