Meet Smashing Pumpkins New Drummer

For those who read The OCMD regularly, you know how I feel about The Smashing Pumpkins and Billy Corgan. When drummer Jimmy Chamberlin, the last standing original member of The Smashing Pumpkins, quit the band I couldn’t help but laugh.  I laughed even harder when Billy set up an open audition for a new drummer.  Because who in their right mind would work with such a bona fide butt head?

The 19 year old Berklee College of Music freshman and Oregon native Mike Byrne will.  Maybe because he’s too young to know any better.  He was born the same year the band was formed after all.  Whatever the case, the guy can drum – that’s for sure. Here’s the audition video he submitted for review. Only 12 drummers were chosen to audition for the gig (including System of a Down’s John Dolomayan).

4 thoughts on “Meet Smashing Pumpkins New Drummer

  1. Hmmmm. i guess. I think Jimmy was da bomb. impressive enough solo, but the true test is how does the guy sound in ensemble? big shoes, big sticks, big thumps. But i’m open-minded.

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