The OCMD Cribs: Wayne Coyne of The Flaming Lips

The Flaming Lips covering Pink Floyd’s  “On the Run” (feat Henry Rollins) –

Welcome to the first edition of The OCMD Cribs – an inside look at the weird and eccentric lives of our favorite indie rock stars.  And who better to fit that bill than Wayne Coyne of The Flaming Lips. He’s been in good form lately, caught on Google Street Maps in a bathtub in his front lawn recently.  And now the unveiling of his renovated Gaudi-esque, psychedelic compound in Oklahoma, as reported by Gizmodo (via @epicureanzealot). I can just picture Wayne lounging in his signature white three piece suit here, can’t you? For more pics of the project, visit Fitzsimmons Architects.

Most rock stars fall into the ‘eccentric’ category and all seem to get more so with age.  The great thing about Wayne is he get crazier in an endearing and playful way.  The rest of them just get weirder and creepier.  Prince? Weird.  Michael Jackson? Creepy.  You get my drift.  Anyway, I’m kinda liking this thread.  Look for more in the future.

Album of the Week: Flaming Lips – “Embryonic”


Flaming Lips – “The Ego’s Last Stand”

Worm Mountain (feat MGMT)

Got my hands on the new Flaming Lips double LP, Embryonic, today and …eeeeoooowww…I’m so excited to see them at the Treasure Island Music Fest this Sunday I can hardly contain myself. I spontaneously squeal every time I think about it. For this album, the band of fearless freaks have ditched their pop tendencies and headed squarely down the path of lo-fi, ethereal psychedelia – while remaining fabulously weird.

In true Flaming Lips fashion, there are plenty of kooky delights to be found on the album, like the track, “I Can Be a Frog” that features Karen O making an array of animal sounds. There’s also a number featuring MGMT, “Worm Mountain“, that has me dreaming…anticipating…a joint performance with the two bands this weekend at Treasure Island.  They’re playing the same festival after all. It’s gonna happen. It’s gotta happen. I know it. All hail Wayne Coyne!