SF Spotlight: Silver Swans

Silver Swans: “Realize The Ghost”

I’ve been on an electronica kick ever since I got off the beach in Mexico. Something about sand and ambient grooves seems to go really well together. ┬áThat and I’ve been immersed in my Best Electro Pop 2009 Mixtape (coming soon). Which leads me to a tune I’ve been digging from San Francisco’s very own electronica duo, Silver Swans. Channeling eerie soundscapes reminiscent of The Knife, vocalist Ann Yu and ┬áproducer and musician, Jon Waters have recently released their dreamy, electro pop single ‘Realize The Ghost’ that will soon flourished into a full length debut on Tricycle Records in January 2010. Pay attention!

Danger Mouse – The Arbiter of Cool, Indie Music

I realized after obsessing this week over Beck’s new album, Modern Guilt‘, that I was listening to yet another Danger Mouse production. What is this guy up to and what else is he working on? A lot, so it seems.

Danger Mouse (aka Brian Burton) is famously known for remixing Jay Z‘s ‘Black Album‘ over samples from The Beatles ‘White Album’ to create, ‘The Grey Album.’ From there he collaborated with Cee-Lo (as half of Gnarls Barkley) to release the hugely popular ‘St. Elsewhere’. He’s also produced the debut album from The Good, The Bad and The Queen, and the latest releases of Sparklehorse, The Rapture and Gorillaz.

This year he’s in top form with producer title for the following releases:

Martina Topley-Bird (from Tricky), ‘The Blue God’; Featured Track: Phoenix

The Black Keys, ‘Attack and Release’; Featured Track: Same Old Thing

The Shortwave Set, ‘Replica Sun Machine‘; Featured Track: Harmonia

Beck, ‘Modern Guilt’; Featured Track: Modern Guilt

With his influences firmly rooted in electronica/trip-hop, I’ll definitely be tracking his next move.

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