SF’s Maus Haus To Kick Off Noise Pop [New Music]

Maus Haus – “Winter

San Francisco synth rockers, Maus Haus, are poised to break out. They’re already climbing the charts at CMJ and now they’re set to kick off this year’s Noise Pop festival at The Mezzanine with the likes of My First Earthquake, !!! and Sugar & Gold. The band will be unleashing their new 7 inch the same night (that sounds kind of perverted, doesn’t it?) featuring the tracks “Winter” and “Zig Zag”.  Consider yourself informed.

The Rumble SF: A Noise Pop Warm Up

Jaguar Love“Jaguar Warriors”

My First Earthquake “Cool In The Cool Way”

Butterfly Bones“XXOO

It’s an electro pop extravaganza this Wednesday night, February 3, at San Francisco’s Rumble featuring Jaguar Love and local acts My First Earthquake and Butterfly Bones. This month the best free music night in town gets an upgrade from Harlot to Cafe du Nord.  Legitimacy at last! RSVP at SonicLiving to get in free.