A Great Site for Live Gig Whores, Like Me

TechCrunch (by way of @epicurianzealot) turned me onto this great new Wiki-like site that serves as a repository for tracking live performance set lists of musical artists, called With festival season upon us, this is a site I will definitely be referencing to track the frequency of songs played by more well known artists. also includes an audio and video playback feature as well as lyrics.

Plus they make it easy to integrate the set lists into your social media accounts, as seen below. Seen here are the set lists for the two Grizzly Bear shows at The Fillmore last month. I was always curious to know how similar or different those two performances were. And if they pulled out my favorite cover of Yes‘ “Owner of a Lonely Heart on the second night. Thankfully, they did not.

Grizzly Bear, “Owner of A Lonely Heart” (Yes cover)

We Are Hunted – The Online Music Chart


Via @shakazolo and TechCrunch, I discovered a very interesting website – We Are Hunted, an Online Music Chart that charts what people are listening to on the web. We Are Hunted aggregates social networks, forums, music blogs, Torrents, P2P Networks and Twitter to develop a daily chart of the 99 most popular songs online. Yet another great music discovery tool I plan to add to my repertoire!

NowPlayIt – Learn to Play Your Favorite Songs Online!


One of the coolest websites I’ve seen in a while, NowPlayIt, teaches you how to play your favorite songs in an online video tutorial.  There are lessons for guitar, drums, bass and piano/keyboard.  Many of the tutorials are taught by the artists themselves. Even the greats like Paul McCartney.  How fun is that?  They have a wide array of popular and indie artists too. But it is UK based so there seems to be a bit of bias toward the Brit Rock set.  Which is okay by me.  There’s enough Radiohead there to keep anyone happy. As a beginning drummer, I’ll definitely be checking it out.