LCD Soundsystem Debut Song at YSL Fashion Show

Nirvana!  Fashion and music…from LCD Soundsystem nonetheless. By way of @Pitchfork, I came across this video of LCD Soundsystem spinning a new song for the Yves St. Laurent Fall 2010-11 fashion show.  There is no word as to whether or not this track will appear on their forthcoming album expected to release May 17. So until then all we can do is speculate what they have in store for us and how this Flying Nun look those YSL models are sporting will work for me. What do you think?

the OCMD Mixtape: Sayulita

the OCMD Mixtape: “Sayulita

A few days of that and you get this – my Sayulita Mixtape.  Yup, this suits my state of mind right now. Just add surf, sand and cerveza and hit play. Enjoy.

1. Washed Out – “Feel It All Around”
2. Here We Go Magic – “Tunnelvision”
3. Atlas Sound – “Quick Canal”
4. The Ruby Suns – “There Are Birds”
5. Radiohead – “These Are My Twisted Words”
6. LCD Soundsystem – “Someone Great”
7. Flaming Lips – “Sagittarius Silver Announcement”
8. Built To Spill – “Done”
9. The XX – “Shelter”
10. Speck Mountain – “Angela”
11. The Shortwave Set – “Harmonia”

Cut Copy – In Ghost Colours

ArtistCut Copy
Album: In Ghost Colours
File Under: Electropop
Recommended if You Like: New Order, Pet Shop Boys, Ladytron, LCD Soundsystem
Featured Tracks: Lights & Music

I just bought tickets for Cut Copy’s show at the Mezzanine in San Francisco on October 5 and realized that I haven’t featured this in my Album of the Week series yet.  For shame!  This album has been in heavy rotation in our household since it’s release in April this year and has to be one of the most fun albums of 2008.  

While it doesn’t fall into my usual genre, I can’t seem to get enough of their 80’s New Order, Pet Shop Boys sound.  And neither can Judah.  The track Lights & Music has secured top spot on his own personal Rhapsody playlist and inspired robot dance moves that made waves among hipster blogs like Hipster Runoff earlier this summer. Showing everyone it’s hip to dance with your pants off.

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