James Brown….Turning Japanese

Seems like no American celebrity can resist the lure of hawking Japanese products when the price is right. Even James Brown. Loved this footage of “The Godfather of Soul” pimping Miso soup to “Get Up (I Feel Like Being A) Sex Machine”. One can only imagine the Lost in Translation like scenes of JB trying to dissect the tonalities of the Japanese language. Misoba? Misoba. Misoba!

Happy Friday!

Video: King Khan & The Shrines – “Land of the Freak”

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One of the most insane live performances I’ve ever witnessed, King Khan and The Shrines are a sight to behold. Originally from Germany, King Khan – also known as Black Snake – is like a Hindu version of Little Richard and James Brown. His band of freaks rolls eight deep and lays down a crazy concoction of psychedelic R&B with a full horn section and Go Go Queen of the Underworld, Bamboorella.

This is the new video for “Land of the Freaks” off their latest album The Supreme Genius of King Khan and The Shrines. The band is on tour now and will hit San Francisco’s Great American Music Hall May 28.  Be there!  The freak show awaits.

Bringing Up Baby, As Music Lovers Might

Sing baby.

My NPR Music Notes newsletter today contained an interesting article on music and kids that completely resonated with me. Entitled Bringing Up Baby, As Music Lovers Might, it speaks to the careful diligence new parents, who are passionate about music, take when selecting the music their child will listen to.  

Being a music snob, I always found children’s music to be trite and belittling. Why do we have to dumb down music for children?  Just because they’re tiny and unable to speak, doesn’t mean they can’t comprehend what’s going on around them. Turns out I was right about that. Babies can recognize surprisingly complex rhythms and are sensitive to the differences between consonant and dissonant music. 

Hell bent on eliminating Barney and anything remotely like it in our household, I created my own child-friendly music program for my little guy, Judah – which has turned into a bit of a rock history overview in the process.  James Brown, The Flaming Lips and Cut Copy were early favorites. Now he asks for the Yeah Yeah Yeahs,  The Duke Spirit and The Raconteurs by name.  And I swell with pride every time he does so.

I know I’m going to catch flack from all you kid haters for this, but here’s the video that solidified my theory on kids and music – that they don’t need to be fed music through a purple dinosaur in order to connect with it. Here’s Judah, not even 2 years old, channeling the Grandfather of Soul himself. (He still uses our T.P. holder as a microphone to this day.)

Bitch, I Love You


Screw the Hallmark Valentine’s Day card, let Black Joe Lewis and the Honeybears debut EP, Tell ‘Em What Your Name Is, tell your woman how you feel this year.  Citing James Brown and Lightnin’ Hopkins as influences, the Austin-based combo has the kind of gritty attitude and bluesy grooves that would pass muster in the toughest juke joint.

The full length album is due out March 2009.  But you can start shaking your booty now with this tasty selection of tracks from their EP.

Track List:
Bitch, I Love You
Cousin Randy
Master Sold My Baby

“Bitch, I Love You”

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