Aussie Week: Children Collide

Children Collide – “Chosen Armies”

Okay, I think I get it. Melbourne is the Brooklyn of Australia. Add Children Collide to the long list of Melbourne-based bands featured in this series. No doubt about it, these lads rock. They rock in the studio and tear it up on stage. As this photo attests. The trio released their debut album, The Long Now, in 2008 and is an assault of unapologetic rock. They they just finished recording their second album in LA last month – yet to be titled.  Can’t wait.

My Best of SXSW 2010

Yeah, I know.  This post is like a month overdue.  But since Austin I’ve been in work hell, life hell and  right-after-I-downloaded-all-my-SXSW-photos-to-my-Mac-the-hard-drive-fried hell. Thank God for Apple Care and Drobo. I’m back on line and slowly getting back on track. So, without further ado, here are my highlights from SXSW. Better late than never, right?

Best SXSW Anthem & Best Performer: Andy Clockwise, “Everybody’s in a Band”

Best Venue: Luster Pearl on Rainey St. hands down. Great vibe, great bands, great people.  Kudos Filter Mag!

Best Celebrity Sightings – The Fader Fort VIP area with Adrian Grenier and Billy Idol to name a few.

Biggest Buzz Band: Broken Bells.  Though their cool quotient has substantially dropped now that their debut album is being retailed at Starbucks.  Ah well, can’t blame them really.  Their album was probably one of the biggest leaks on record.

Cutest Couple: Al and Claire, who after The Broken Bells show at Lustre Pearl dropped on bended knee and proposed. (Sniff.)  While that album will always be sentimental for that moment, I will personally always think of them when I hear The Temper Trap’s “Love Lost”.  We had such a great time at that show and it’s one of the best, sappiest love albums ever.  So this one’s for you, you saps. Congrats!

The Temper Trap“Love Lost”

Best Surprises: Boxer Rebellion, Best Coast and Children Collide. Didn’t see ’em coming but thoroughly enjoyed every minute of their performances.

Boxer Rebellion“Broken Glass”

Best Coast“Over the Ocean”

Children Collide “Frozen Armies”

Best Live Performances & Most Likely to SucceedLocal Natives, The Veils, The Temper Trap, Phantogram, Cymbals Eat Guitars

Cymbals Eat Guitars“And the Hazy Sea”

Best Female Drummer – Stella Mozgawa from Andy Clockwise and Warpaint. Rad!

Best Discoveries: The Pharmacy, Thee Vicars, Lovvers, Love of Diagrams, Beaches

The Pharmacy“Coldest Morning Light

Lovvers“OCD Go Go Girls”

Love of Diagrams“No Way Out”

Thee Vicars“You Lie”

Beaches – “Eternal Sphere”

Buzz Bands I Just Don’t Get Even After Seeing Them Live: Chew Lips, Neon Indian, Washed Out, Sleigh Bells.  Sorry.

Best Band Working The Street:  San Francisco’s very own The Ferocious Few and Phantom Kicks. Both working the street crowd hard and making me proud.  The Ferocious Few with their signature street performances and Phantom Kicks pressing demo CDs into any willing hand.  Including mine.  Good job!

The Ferocious Few“Crazy Love”

Phantom Kicks“Eyes Familiar”

Children Collide


Children Collide, “Frozen Armies”:

The explosive Australian trio, Children Collide, appears destined for a break out in the US.  Their 2008 album “The Long Now” was rated one of the top international albums of last year and now the band has set sites on America with their maiden North American tour, which coincides with the US release of the album earlier this week. Check their June tour schedule for a performance near you.

Wed Jun 10 – The Casbah, San Diego CA
Thu Jun 11 – Spaceland, Los Angeles CA
Sat Jun 13 – Blank Club, San Jose CA
Sun Jun 14 – Peter’s Room, Portland OR
Mon Jun 15 – Tractor’s Tavern, Seattle WA
Thu Jun 18 – Sho, Salt Lake City, UT
Fri Jun 19 – Marquis Theatre, Denver CO
Sun Jun 21 – TBC, Chicago IL
Mon Jun 22 – Smalls, Detroit MI
Fri Jun 26 – Khyber, Philadelphia PA
Sat Jun 27 – Harpers Ferry, Allston MA
Sun Jun 28 – Mercury Bar, New York NY
Mon Jun 29 – DC9, Washington DC