3 thoughts on “TED Talk: Don’t Make People Pay for Music, Let Them

  1. I watched this and found it incredibly interesting.
    I’m a musician, and I’ve studied a lot about the music industry and the new conventions arising.

    She’s not the first to give away her music for free.
    Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails does the same thing, but offers higher quality versions of his songs for a small price. Much like Amanda Palmer, he has a strong and loyal connection with his fans.

    I once got the opportunity to speak to a music Industry leader (he was the CEO of Universal Music in London) and I asked why they didn’t say thank you to the fans. I asked why they always persecuted them instead of thanking them when they actually DID buy music.

    This concept was alien to him!

    I like her idea and I definitely agree with it. She’s changing with music and its gaining her more and more success whereas the major labels are still stuck in the past.

    But yeah 🙂

  2. Inspiring and relevant to today’s artists. Thankfully, more artists are listening to the ‘communication’ part of the message and leaving behind the misconceptions. Thanks for sharing!

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