More Evidence Billy Corgan is a Tool


Not like I need any more convincing on this subject, quite frankly, but I was reading the recent issue of Spin and smirked at this review of Billy Corgan’s December 3 LA Smashing Pumpkins show where he figuratively spits in the faces of fans.  His response to fans screaming “Billy, I love you”? “Last time I checked, I was nobody’s bitch.”  Way to mock your audience, Billy.

Read the full article for more antic dotes of his surly display of self-pity.  There’s also a hilarious review on Pitchfork blasting their 20th reunion tour as a ‘shitshow’.

2 thoughts on “More Evidence Billy Corgan is a Tool

  1. Its kinda like the Tom Cruise thing. He went nutso and made it really hard to like him. But at least Tom was a generally friendly fruitcake.

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