Leopold and His Fiction



Artist: Leopold and His Fiction
AlbumAin’t No Surprise
File Under: Vintage Rock
Recommended if You Like: The Doors, The Black Keys, White Stripes
Featured Track: “Broke

I could sit you down right now, play this entire album and tell you it was a long lost 70s re-issue from some obscure San Francisco rock band and I bet you wouldn’t bat an eye.  The San Francisco trio’s sophomore release, Ain’t No Surprise, takes their love of classic rock and all things vintage and spins it into a thoroughly enjoyable album from start to finish.  An amalgamation of 70s rock influences, the band concocts a stripped down, bluesy, southern-fried psych rock sound reminiscent of some of the great bands of that era – from The Doors to the Allman Brothers and Bob Dylan. 

Listening to the album, it’s hard not to compare lead singer Daniel James’ gritty vocals to Jim Morrison.  I swear he’s channeling Mr. Mojo Risin’ himself on “Hawk Eyes”.  And with the carnival-like organ swirling through“Broke” it’s hard not to draw a comparison to The Doors.  While the influences are everywhere, the band never imitates.  Their sound is definitely that of  a bygone era.  But in this day and age of 80s synth pop revival, it’s a refreshing one.

Don’t miss Leopold and His Fiction play Bottom of the Hill March 10!  To get a taste of what’s to come, check out this video of their recent performance at Sundance this year.

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