Pixies “Doolittle” Live EP [Free Download]


Pixies“Dancing The Manta Ray (Live from Paris)”

For those of you not getting enough live Pixies this week while the band takes residence at The Fox Theater in Oakland, you can now download a live EP from the tour too. The band is offering a live digital EP sampler of 4 DRM-free tracks from their Doolittle 20th Anniversary tour recorded while they were in Paris last month. Download the EP now. Then someone tell me how the show was last night.

More Evidence Billy Corgan is a Tool


Not like I need any more convincing on this subject, quite frankly, but I was reading the recent issue of Spin and smirked at this review of Billy Corgan’s December 3 LA Smashing Pumpkins show where he figuratively spits in the faces of fans.  His response to fans screaming “Billy, I love you”? “Last time I checked, I was nobody’s bitch.”  Way to mock your audience, Billy.

Read the full article for more antic dotes of his surly display of self-pity.  There’s also a hilarious review on Pitchfork blasting their 20th reunion tour as a ‘shitshow’.