Rafter – Sweaty Magic Videos

I loooove Rafter.  Mostly because he’s a bona fide freak who makes really compelling, interesting and fresh music. Fast on the heels of ‘Sex Death Cassette‘ (one of my favorite albums) comes his new EP called ‘Sweaty Magic’. A distinct shift from his prior work, this album is quite bootylicious.  As his label, Asthmatic Kitty, so aptly put it:

“Sweaty Magic is Rafter center stage in a gold Speedo (American Apparel banned at the door), firing lasers of love from his eyes. If you’re not shaking your booty by the second track, you might want to look behind you to make sure it’s still there.”

Asthmatic Kitty recently held a video contest and here are the winners to two of my favorite ‘Sweaty Magic’ tracks.  Go ahead and ‘put a little salt in it!’

Juicy Video

Salt Video 

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