Sugar Man

I’m convinced children are hard wired with an innate survival instinct to charm you to tears just as your about to completely lose your mind with their relentless whining, battles of will and tests of patience. Such was the case this morning when the following conversation ensued:

Judah: “I need to go outside, Momma, in my bare feet and pick some flowers for my blankie.  Roses.”  

Me: “Really? OK, just make sure you don’t prick yourself on the thorns.”   

Judah: “Thorns? Oh. I’ll just leave them for the bumblebees then.”

OK, heart melting. All transgressions forgotten. You’re good for the next week or so, then you better come up with something else sweet and irresistible to get me through the next rough patch. I’m sure you will, Sugar Man.

Featured track:  Rodriguez, Sugar Man

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