Crystal Skulls | Crystal Stilts [Black Crystal Bands, Part 10]

The final post in the Black Crystal Band series features Seattle Indie pop group, Crystal Skulls and Brooklyn-based indie rockers, Crystal Stilts.  

In 2006, Crystal Skulls released their debut album ‘Outgoing Behavior‘.  Featured is the track, Hard Party.




Crystal Stilts released their self-titled debut this year. They have a stripped-down, moody, garage rock sound that is heavily influenced by groups like Velvet Underground and Jesus and Mary Chain. And who isn’t these days?  

Featured is the track, Crippled Croon



So what did I learn from all this? in retrospect, I’d say my preconceived notion of ‘Black’ bands as a dark and moody rockers holds water.  The Crystal set as all Indie pop rockers?  Not so much.  Whatever the case, it’s clear that – just like people – bands can fall into the trap of naming trends.  

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