Best New Music: Young Circles – “Jungle Habits”

Artist: Young Circles
Album: Jungle Habits
Release Date: August 23,2011
Homeland: Miami, FL
File Under: Psychedelic Garage
Featured Tracks: “2012”, “Love Hitch”

Fell in love with the gritty, psychedelic sounds from this Miami-based trio earlier this year. The upstart band release their first EP, Bones, just this year and has become one of my favorites for 2011. Now they’re back with their debut LP, Jungle Habits, which is already on heavy rotation and quickly becoming one of my favorite LPs for 2011. An EP and LP from the same band earning top honors in the same year?! Prolific. They’ll be touring around the East Coast with plans to head West soon, I hope!

Love at First Listen: Young Circles

Artist: Young Circles
Album: Bones EP
Homeland: Miami, FL USA
Release Date: 1.11.11
Featured Track: “Sharp Teeth”

What do you get when you cross Beck, The Flaming Lips and English space rock? Audio heaven. Holy crap. Meet my first favorite EP 0f 2011. I’m in love with this Miami-based trio. Such a fresh sound. The group, comprised of high school buddies Jeff Rose, David Barnard, and Jordy Asher, all come from different musical backgrounds – jazz, blues, and Brit rock, respectively. They all did their time playing in a variety of psych and garage rock bands but quickly realized their musical synergy and thus the band was born. Lucky for us. Get into it.