Love and Rockets Tribute Album


Love and Rockets, “Rain Bird

Reading the announcement that WOXY was exclusively previewing the Love and Rockets Tribute Album this week was like coming full circle for me. I grew up in Ohio and cut my teeth on WOXY (bam! The Future of Rock-n-Roll). And Love and Rockets was one of those bands they turned me on to, way back when in my formative years. So it’s with great satisfaction that this same station (to whom I hold somewhat accountable for my OCMD) brings these New Tales to Tell direct to my speakers -albeit in California not Ohio (thank god).

And judging by the line up of artists paying tribute, it appears as though Love and Rockets are getting their moment in the spotlight.  This is a good thing too.  I’m not sure how many more new bands I could take citing The Jesus and Mary Chain in their list of influences.  The list of artists paying tribute include: THE FLAMING LIPSBLACK FRANCISTHE DANDY WARHOLSMAYNARD JAMES KEENAN’S band PUSCIFERA PLACE TO BURY STRANGERSFILM SCHOOL, and more.

The Love and Rockets Tribute Album exclusive airs on WOXY,  Wed. July 1 @ 9pm, Thur. July 2 @ 6pm, Sat. July 4 @ 4pm, and Sun, July 5 @ Noon, and then on-demand through the WOXY website.  The album, New Tale to Tell, a Tribute to Love and Rockets, will be released digitally July 28 and in stores August 18.

Glasvegas Christmas EP


Album: A Snowflake Fell (And It Felt Like a Kiss)
File Under: Brit Rock
Recommended if You Like: The Jesus and Mary Chain, Phil Spector, Oasis, U2
Featured Track: ‘Fuck You, It’s Over’

If you haven’t already heard of Glasvegas, you probably soon will.  They are one of the most buzzed about bands in the UK right now, receiving accolades from “best Scottish band in 20 years” to “The Greatest New Rock and Roll Band in the World” (NME).  Wow, no pressure or anything.

Their hugely anticipated self-titled EP went straight to number 2 on the UK charts this fall.  Their sound has hit such a nerve with fans that they’ve caused a sensation. Taking musical influences from Phil Spector and The Jesus and Mary Chain, their droning reverb-drenched music is tempered by the poetic, pop-like melodies of lead singer James Allen.

In fact, Phil Spector’s 1963 Christmas album made such a big impression on the band that they have recorded their own Christmas mini-album, A Snowflake Fell (And It Felt Like a Kiss).  The 6song holiday offering was recorded in Transylvania and features 5 new songs and a cover of the Christmas classic, “Silent Night“. You can buy a bundle of their debut album, Glasvegas, and the Christmas EP, A Snowflake Fell (And It Felt Like a Kiss), on iTunes for $10.99.

EP Track List: 
Please Come Back Home 
Cruel Moon
Careful What You Wish For 
Fuck You, It’s Over 
A Snowflake Fell (And It Felt Like A Kiss) 
Silent Night / Noapte de vis

In the meantime, enjoy this new track off their holiday EP, Fuck You, It’s Over. Just in time for Christmas and soon to be a holiday classic, I’m sure.  And if you’re in San Francisco, Glasvegas is playing Popscene January 8, 2009 at 330 Ritch.  Tickets are sold out, however.


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Trendspotting: SF Bands You’ve (Probably) Never Heard Of – Part 2


Not to be confused with Deerhunter, which I used to do early on, Deerhoof definitely falls into that category of local ‘experimental’ bands. Like most bands in this genre, I usually have one of two reactions – 1) the band is being weird for the sake of being weird or 2) I’m intrigued by the tension created by the music’s unexpected shifts and dissonance. Deerhoof falls into the latter category for me.Listen toOffend Maggie’:


I don’t know much about Oakland-based girl band, Dreamdate, other than their tunes are short, catchy and make me feel good.  And at the end of the day, isn’t that all that matters?  Listen for yourself and see.

Listen to ‘Why Don’t You Make Me’:



Film School

San Francisco-based Film School is just the kind of psych/garage rock, newgaze sound I like.  Listening to them is like a game of ‘Name that Tune’ or early 90s musical influence – The Jesus and Mary Chain… My Bloody Valentine… New Order.  Whatever the case, it all sounds good to me.  Even better live.

Listen to ‘Two Kinds’:


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buy it at insound!

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