The Black Angels [Black Crystal Bands, Part 1]

Caution:  Contact high may occur while listening to this album, especially under the influence of black lights.

Okay, this Austin-based psyche rock band definitely fits nicely into my dark and moody ‘black’ band category.  The band, whose mantra is ‘Turn on, Tune in, Drone out’, has a very soul-satisfying stoner rock sound that draws references to groups like Brian Jonestown Massacre and The Doors.  Lead singer Alex Maas’ vocals have an eerie resemblance to Jim Morrison, in particular.

I adore their debut album, Passover, that was released in 2006.  Their new album, Directions to See a Ghost, released this a couple of months ago is a solid effort but not quite as good as their debut, in my opinion.  Definitely a band worth a listen regardless.  Check out this track, You on the Run,  from their latest album.

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