Relationship Hype Cycle

Sharon Jones and The Dap Kings“Better Things”

I’ve been studying way too many technology hype cycles lately, especially working in the mobile apps space where there’s lots and lots of growth, hype and expectation. I couldn’t help but muse recently the startling similarities between technology hype cycles and love relationships.  It’s jaw dropping actually.  See for yourself.  Correlate these hype cycle phases with the amount of time currently invested in your own relationship and tell me….where are you in the relationship hype cycle? Scary, huh.

But don’t despair, if you’re wallowing in the Trough of Disillusionment (and that’s a really hard place to be), let me suggest some inspirational sounds from Sharon Jones and The Dap Kings new album I Learned the Hard Way. Because at the end of the day that’s the only way we ever really learn, isn’t it? The hard way. Featuring tracks like, “The Game Gets Old,” “Without a Heart”, and “Momma Don’t Like My Man”, I think Sharon has a thing or two to teach you about love and relationships… and get you back on the path to the Slope of Enlightenment.  Because we’ve all got “better things to do.”