Ticketmaster Did This To Me


I’ve always taken pride in my ability to stay away from this smut. I don’t read it online, watch it on TV, or buy the magazines.  So imagine my horror when I found an US subscription in my mail box IN MY NAME? How humiliating.  What are the neighbors going to think of me?  Honestly, I didn’t do this.  I just ordered tickets to a show at the Fillmore through Ticketmaster and as a door prize I get a free subscription to this trash. And it comes every week!  The saddest part of all?  I’m totally going to read it.

Listen to “Testimony” by The Phenomenal Handclap Band

Lisa Hannigan – Lille

I truly enjoyed this video I received in my inbox by acclaimed Irish singer/songwriter, Lisa Hannigan.  It’s so beautiful, sweet and charming, like a lullaby. Her solo debut Sea Sew will be released February 3 on ATO Records with a West coast tour starting February 11.  Look for her in San Francisco February 17 at The Independent.

Listen to ‘Lille‘:  

Emotionally Scarred


I had promised to take Judah swimming after he waited out my Yoga class at the gym’s Kids Club.  However, his cool surfer dude board shorts are MIA.  So in a panic to make it to my class on time and not disappoint a 3 year old, we dashed to Sports Basement en route to the gym. This was the only child sized swimsuit they had in stock.  

The stigma of a Speedo swimsuit must be genetically encoded in the male DNA because promptly after I put it on him he stuffed himself in the locker next to him saying, “I don’t want anyone to see me. I’m a shy guy.” Luckily, when faced with the prospect of swimming in a Speedo or going home to take a nap, he quickly got over it.  Even posed for this photo.  I just hope he’s not scarred for life.

Listen to Bug Lung Baby‘s ‘This Life‘ – a track that’s very Deerhunter-esque to me. And download Bug Lung Baby’s Trilobite Trash EP free from RCRDLBL.com

Bug Lung Baby, This Life‘: 

Download BLK JKS Mystery EP Free on eMusic


Now through January 5, 2009, you can download a copy of BLK JKS Mystery EP on eMusic – for free!

Get it now.

Who are the BLK JKS, you say? Well, they are a South African psychedelic afro rock band that kind of has a TV on the Radio vibe. Discovered by Diplo while he was on tour in South Africa, they landed on the cover of Faderreceived lots of media attention from the likes of the New York Times, Billboard and The Guardian and have been on the train to success since. They recorded their MYSTERY EP in New York’s famed Electric Lady studios and just signed with the label Secretly Canadian.  Their EP is due out March 10, 2009. But why wait when you can get it for free now? Jump on it.

Listen to ‘Lakeview

Then check out the latest documentary from Digforfire.tv about the band.

Vodpod videos no longer available.




Local Band Audrye Sessions Cover Elliott Smith’s Waltz #2


One of my favorite music blogs, Puddlegum, turned me on to a great free download this week from Oakland-based Audrye Sessions covering Elliott Smith’s Waltz #2. Audrye Sessions is an up and coming indie pop band whose debut album set to release in February next year.  It’s not particularly my style of music, but this cover is fantastic.  I couldn’t resist passing it along.  I’m definitely adding this one to my Best Covers playlist. Enjoy!

Waltz #2 Cover from Audrye Sessions:

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