DeVotchka @ The Fillmore


Going from Fruit Bats to Devotchka the next night was a complete 180 for me musically.  And it honestly took me a little while to make that transition from dive bar mode to circus carnival, complete with a string section, horn section and Cirque du Soleil-level acrobats and contortionists.  I haven’t seen a show like that since…well, never.  Do they actually travel with this ensemble?  I confirmed with their publicist that yes indeed they do. They put on a very impressive show, I must say.  Not only are they talented musicians but amazing performers as well.

Listen to “How it Ends“:

How It Ends


After months of giving Monet the cold shoulder, my little caveman emerged for a brief and intense love fest last week that will surely keep her hooked and immune to his inevitable snubs for many more months to come.

Listen to DeVotchka’s How it Ends‘:

Catch DeVotchka at San Francisco’s The Fillmore January 30 and 31.