Dan Melchoir Und Das Menace – “Wrapped In Fog”

Dan Melchoir Und Das Menace“Wrapped in Fog”

Dan Melchoir Und Das Menace.  Such a great name you just want to say it again. London-based Melchoir is one hard working independent artist.  The man has put out more than 30 recordings with various bands since the mid-90s and has earned a respected reputation among fans of always delivering. ‘ThankYou Very Much’ is his recent effort with NC -based group Und Das Menace and I just love this track “Wrapped In Fog”.  His garage rock aesthetic is so right on.

the OCMD Mixtape: Budget Rock 2009


The OCMD Mixtape: Budget Rock 2009

Whoo hoo! The 8th Annual Budget Rock festival kicks into high gear this week right in my backyard from October 22-25. The Eagle Tavern, Thee Parkside and Bottom of the Hill will play host to the West Coast’s longest running garage rock festival. Don’t miss the opportunity to see some great local garage rock, including The Gris Gris, Thee Oh Sees, The Fresh & Onlys, Nobunny, the legendary Mummies and more! The best line up for sure is Sunday, October 25 at Bottom of the Hill featuring nearly all of the aforementioned bands.  Oh yeah, let the shitgaze begin!

1. Dan Melchoir Und Das Menace – “Wrapped in Fog”
2. The Mummies – “Die”
3. Thee Oh Sees – “Enemy Destruct”
4. Nobunny – “Boneyard”
5. The Fresh & Onlys – “Fog Machine”
6. The Gris Gris – “Mary #38”
7. Cheap Time – “Push Your Luck”