5 thoughts on “Band of Skulls – “Death By Diamonds and Pearls”

  1. These guys are really good – we SMASHED out a show a few months back in Manchester with them – excellent show all round!

  2. San Fran? That would be ama-zing…believe me we’re working on getting out there…we’re just putting the finishing touches to the debut album and then we need to look at whats what?

    What venues would you recommend? The smaller venues/clubs etc?

    Cheers honey

  3. Let me know when that debut hits! And if you plan to hit SF I’ll hook you up with the guy that broke Band of Skulls here. He does a West Coast monthly tour of new bands. Aaaannnd, there’s Popscene, which often serves as debut for many UK band’s SF appearance. The Joy Formidable, Marina and The Diamonds – are a couple of hot ones coming up for instance.

  4. Beautiful! I will certainly let you know when we unleash the album, and cheers for the SF info, it’s completely appreciated x

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