Radiohead Fans – Meet Shadows On A River

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Shadows On A River: “In Business”

It’s been a while since a band has wowed me and the Chicago-based group calling themselves Shadows on a River has done just that.  I haven’t stopped listening to their debut since it arrived in my mailbox (thanks Undertow!).  This is the best unsigned band I’ve heard so far this year.

Dark, brooding and experimental, their sound easily draws comparisons to the electronic rock genius of early Radiohead. Especially on tracks like “In Business” and “Ships Sailing Home”.  Singer/songwriter David Hensen’s ethereal and haunting melodies and intricate arrangements complete the effect.

But let me be clear, because making a Radiohead comparison may be sacrilege for some. I’m not saying they imitate them, but inspire a similar feeling you get from listening to them.  It’s “honest and transporting.”  The kind of album you want to put on to get lost in.  One that opens up and evolves with each and every listen.

So I say, bravo boys!  If this is what you can create from an apartment in Chicago, I can’t wait to hear what you can do in a studio.

Be sure to download Shadows On A River from iTunes.  Only $7.99 and you wont regret it.

10 thoughts on “Radiohead Fans – Meet Shadows On A River

  1. good stuff… how is the rest of the record?

    -don’t hear much radiohead here, but there’s an obvious comparison to matt bellamy’s (muse) voice.


  2. I also hear a lot of Muse in this. To be honest, I’m normally skeptical when a band is compared to Radiohead (the comparison is often wide from the mark), but with the arrangements and intricacies here, I can see where the comparison came from. I hadn’t heard them before your post, but I’m interested in hearing more.

    • I was skeptical about the Radiohead reference too. Almost blasphemous to make a comparison like that. I had to listen to the album about 5 times to make sure. And it is more of a feeling they evoke. Give the entire album a listen. It’s really good!

  3. I just got this album on itunes, and I am really happy with the purchase. The vocals are smooth, and the intricate layers of music created without the production of a studio are astonishing. These guys are amazing and deserve any credit they get. Although I think they are a far cry from Radiohead, I do see the usefulness in the comparison.

    I just want to say that I have been following this site for months now and constantly rely on it to keep me updated with good music. Keep up the good work Julie!

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