Postcards from the Edge

No island in Greece has wowed me more than Falengandros. A tiny, remote and foreboding outpost, Falengadros was once known as the Alcatraz of the Agean. A place where exiles were sent to eek out an existance.  Now no more than 600 people call the island home and landing here was a welcome respite to the tourist atrocities of Santorini. Sheer cliffs, white washed walls and a stark yet colorful landscape make it a photographers paradise. The subtle shades of red, orange, yellow and green shrubs that dot the hillside looks like a giant bowl of Trix to me.  And the sunsets…amazing!

All throughout our stay here I’ve had this song from Here We Go Magic stuck in my head.  The song is ‘Fangela‘, but it sounds so perfect when I sing it ‘Falengandros’.

Here We Go Magic, “Fangela

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