Meet Alan – OCMD Guest Blogger


Name: Alan 
Hometown: San Francisco, CA
OCMD Since: Birth
Category: Music Trivia, Rock History
Obsessions: J. Crew boxers, chewing my cuticles until they bleed, refusing to get a professional haircut, Trixie’s wagging corkscrew nubbin when I return home, a good Reuben sandwich, Cazadores on a Friday afternoon, Tecate and the Sunday crossword in Dolores Park

The OCMD Says: Meet Alan, my second longest running music friend and go to concert buddy.  There’s nary a show I can’t talk Al into seeing with me.  We share a lot of the same musical icons and inspirations (such as our love for Pete Townsend) so if I can’t talk him into a show I know there’s something wrong, seriously wrong.  

The best thing about having Al as a music friend is his freakish ability for obscure music and pop culture trivia. He’s like a walking Wikipedia of random, and sometimes useless, facts.  Anytime I can’t remember the title of a song, a band name or movie, I just ‘Ask Al.’  I don’t even bother to Google it – he’s faster.  He’s also good for interjecting color commentary during shows about the band’s musical influences and identifying cover songs you didn’t even know were covers.  My personal rock history librarian.

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