Meet Adam: OCMD Guest Blogger

Name: Adam
Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
OCMD Since: Age 5 when I was introduced to “The Monkees” theme song and Elton John’s ‘Crocodile Rock.’
Category: What’s Next
Obsessions: Noise, anchored with art damaged pop sensibility; the album (as opposed to the single); general admission shows; spending my allowance at the record store; my guitar; recording music in my bedroom

The OCMD Says: Meet Adam, my ‘hip and happening’ Brooklyn-based music friend. I first met Adam years ago when he lived in San Francisco.  We dwelled socially in the same circles, but enough encounters at the right shows solidified the music bond. After inviting him to one of my annual music swaps, where he submitted bands like Deerhunter and Fruit Bats (before they were cool), I knew he was a keeper.

Now that Adam has relocated to the ‘other’ coast, our music relationship has been kept alive thanks to email and Mojo.  And there’s nothing more I look forward to than a late night Mojo shopping trip through Adam’s music library. I don’t know where he gets his sources, but he’s got ‘em.  Advance releases and other tasty discoveries abound. Don’t ask, don’t tell  – that’s always been my policy!

2 thoughts on “Meet Adam: OCMD Guest Blogger

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