Concert Pick ‘O The Week: Vivian Girls + Abe Vigoda


Vivian Girls at SXSW

Vivian Girls “Wild Eyes”:

Abe Vigoda, “Dead City/Waste Wilderness“:

The next two weekends present yet more evidence that The Ramones are shining down from rock and roll heaven, starting with Brooklyn-based Vivian Girls tonight with Abe Vigoda at The Independent in San Francisco. These three vixens are on a serious mission, playing no less than 17 shows at this year’s SXSW music fest in 5 days!  We are not aware of any other group in the fest’s history to accomplish this amazing feat, and they are still at it.  Their MySpace page has 43 shows listed in the next 51 days.

Their first record tackles 10 songs in about 22 minutes, and a new recording is on the way.   Sweet harmonies drenched in reverb with simple, catchy drum, bass and guitar revealing spooky tales of relationships disguised in just enough fuzz.  Don’t get me started on the milkshake tattoos!  Guys will fall in love, gals may express jealousy but are sure to rush out and form a band.  Be there!

Next week’s Ramones fix:  Nobunny

[Guest post by Mike]


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