Black Gold


My Beautiful Blue Bottle Latte

20 Surprising Health Benefits of Coffee – Drink Up!

  • Regular coffee drinkers have a lower chance of developing cirrhosis of the liver…
  • Reduces the risk of skin cancer…
  • Increases sense of well being and happiness…
  • May reduce the chance of Parkinson’s disease…
  • Very high in antioxidants…
  • It’s the second most economic valuable product in the world – black gold!
  • May reduce colon cancer in women…
  • Can reduce the risk of developing type II diabetes…
  • Reduces muscle pain…
  • May reduce heart disease…
  • Fights cavities…

…and more!  For the full article, click here.  

In the meantime, listen to Athens, Ohio-based Southeast Engine’sBlack Gold” from their new release From the Forest to the Sea.  

6 thoughts on “Black Gold

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  2. …And here’s what’s being said on the other side of the coin….

    -The Journal of the American Medical Association reported that women who drank two cups of coffee per day increased their risk of hip fracture by 69 percent.
    -Coffee that is roasted forms a compound called 3,4-benzopyrene, a powerful carcinogen. An average cup of coffee contains 500 micrograms of known carcinogens.
    -The Harvard School of Public Health concluded that coffee drinking was the cause of 50 percent of all pancreatic cancer, and that drinking 3 cups a day increased the risk of pancreatic cancer threefold.
    -Coffee causes over-acidity in our body, resulting in calcium being taken from our bones to help neutralize the acidity.

    This all typed while I’m ENJOYING my morning cup of coffee. Hey! Choose your battles, right? 🙂

  3. I read that coffee also retards the aging process. That combined with the fact that it battles cirrhosis should compensate for my alcohol consumption.

    Debra – just stop it.

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