Coming to a Retail Store Near You…


Welcome to MAGIC people.  I’m here in Las Vegas for the mac daddy convention and marketplace for the fashion industry.  It’s the show where buyers from around the country come to source fashions for their stores.  I’m here as part of the inaugural eco-fashion initiative, which I can tell you is about the only enlightened entity of this show.  Everything else is just plain schlock.  Hideous to be more exact. The most pathetic display of fashion I’ve seen in a long time was the Men’s marketplace.  How much longer do we have to endure the embellished, silk screened woven shirt, T-shirt and jeans?  Perusing the industry’s bulk of designers in one fell swoop revealed it’s only become more gaudy and tasteless. Witness the representative buyers of said merchandise. America’s curators of fashion.  Bringing the worst of fashion to a retail outlet near you.

Listen to Deer Tick Art Isn’t Real (City of Sin)“:

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