Men are from Mars



Photo by Debra Garcia

Like most of us in our generation, I was raised in an environment that emphasized the similarities between the sexes, not the differences. I thought we were all equal and the same and never really questioned it, until I had a kid.  I now realize the folly of that belief.  For it’s never been more clear to me that boys and girls are fundamentally wired differently.  And there’s nothing like the raw impulses of children to hammer that home.

What’s most shocking to me is how the communication style and emotional needs between the sexes are so apparent, even at age 3.  Take, for example, the scene above. That’s my little guy, Judah, and his Thai girlfriend, Monet.  Every time they get together the same thing happens.  She goes to the ends of the earth to vie for his attention and he pretty much ignores her. The more she tries, the more he pulls away. Because, you know,  when you’re 3 years old, what can compete with smashing up cars and pretending to be Kung Fu Panda? Not girls anyway….yet.

Recently Monet spent the entire afternoon trying to hold Judah’s hand, much to his chagrin.  After trying to escape this nonsense unsuccessfully, my little caveman threw his arms up in exasperation and hollered:  “MONET!  Just because I don’t hold your hand, doesn’t mean I don’t love you!!”


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