High Places – 03/07-09/07

Artist: High Places
File Under: Experimental
Recommended if You Like: Panda Bear, Atlas Sound, Ruby Suns, Animal Collective
Featured Tracks: Head Spins

How to describe High Places sound.  It’s difficult.  To quote the band, “Where the ocean meets the forest, this is where we sing our chorus.” The Brooklyn-based duo, consisting of Rob Barber and Mary Pearson, take simple beat structures, layer it with echo and reverb and top it off with the pretty songs of cloud gazing and existential yearning. It’s heady and hypnotic in it’s repetition.  Charming and tranquil in it’s simplicity.

Their debut EP is a compilation of singles collected over a six month period, thus the title 03/07 – 09/07. The album is a pre-cursor to their full length LP scheduled for release September 23 on their newly signed label, Thrill Jockey.  I have high expectations.  Until then, enjoy 03/07-09/07 and make sure to check them out at Bottom of the Hill October 8.

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