The Soundtrack of Our Lives (TSOOL)

Waxing philosophical about the soundtrack of my life yesterday reminded me of one of my all time favorite – and little known – Swedish rock bands, The Soundtrack of Our Lives (a.k.a. TSOOL).  I had the good fortune of seeing them for the first time this year at SXSW and nearly fainted when the lead singer jumped off the stage and sang ‘21st Century Ripoff‘ right in front of me.  I at least had my wits about me to take this photo.

Turns out TSOOL has a new single, Utopia, streaming on their MySpace page. Unfortunately, they don’t have a widespread US following, so I’m resigned to adore them from afar.  I just love the Swedes and their fantastic music sensibilities. 

For those of you unacquainted with TSOOL, here’s a video for one of their more popular tracks, Sister Surround.

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