Don’t You Worry

I often fantasize that if my life were a movie it would have the best soundtrack ever. I guess I’m a bit Mary Katherine Gallagher in the sense that I think my feelings would often be best expressed by some melodramatic song. And if my life came with a built in scary movie soundtrack?  Oh, the trouble I could have avoided.  Like my little boy’s projectile vomit that hit me this morning.  Gross.

Nothing makes you feel more helpless than trying to comfort a 3 year old through waves of nausea while screaming hysterically, “THERE’S HOT SAUCE IN MY MOUTH, MAMMA! MAKE IT GO AWAY!” And you can’t; all you can give them is words. “Don’t worry, sweetie, don’t you worry…it’ll be okay.”

After the worst had passed, I try to find something to comfort him…..”Juice? No. Crackers? No.  TV? Yes. Anything else?  A lollipop.  Okay, a lollipop then.”  And as I handed him the lollipop, this is the song I heard playing in my head…

Jim Noir, Don’t You Worry

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