Bon Iver, Mon Ami

For Emma, Forever Ago

Artist:  Bon Iver (pronounced bon hiver – as in French for good winter)
Album:  For Emma, Forever Ago ( Released February 7, 2008 )
File Under:  Singer/Songwriter; Make out Music
Recommended If You Like:  Iron & Wine
Featured Track:  Skinny Love

The label Jagjaguwar knows how to pick artists and Bon Iver is no exception.  Their release of the band’s debut album, “For Emma, Forever Ago,” made waves among critics and music lovers alike.  And for good reason, the album is stunning. The band’s driving force – Justin Vernon – wrote this masterpiece holed up in a cabin in Wisconsin for three months during the winter.  The sense of isolation, longing and loneliness are palpable in his songs, but in a beautiful way.  The tempo and rhythm of the CD washes over you in a way that just makes you want to curl up and touch someone. 

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