Album Of The Week: The Big Pink


The Big Pink – “Velvet

“A Brief History of Love” is the debut album of the UK-based electro-rock duo, The Big Pink, and it has me completely enraptured.  Their sound is modern and anachronistic all at the same time – like MGMT meets My Bloody Valentine. It took me a good month to wrap my head around the combination of that and it’s enormity. Once I made it past the wall of distortion and reverb to the other side of their music – the lyrics –  I fell to my knees. The impassioned plea of “Velvet”, one of my favorite tracks, particularly slays me. “These arms are mine/ Don’t matter who they hold/ So should i maybe, Just leave love alone/ You call out my name, for the love you need/ Which you won’t find in me.”

The pair will make their way to San Francisco’s Great American Music Hall on November 17. Count me in.