New Music: Trans Am – “Apparent Horizon”

Trans Am – “Apparent Horizon”

Trans Am, man these guys have been at it for a long time – 15 years. And they’re back with more to add to their catalog.  This one, entitled Thing, is due out April 20.  The interesting story behind it is that the project started as commissioned soundtrack for a sci-fi film.  While they didn’t know the details, it was reportedly for James Cameron and suspected to be the soundtrack for Avatar.

Well, that never happened.  But the lavish budget remained and through the wreckage was born….Thing. A labor of love that takes the band on a journey to strip themselves from not only indie rock, but music itself. One of Thing’s requirements was that each track contain a completely non-musical element, preferably something with a sonic signature that was not even necessarily a sound. They utilized a recording/composition strategy known as “Zombification.” Once a song was recorded, each of the band members would record multiple additional tracks without any reference to the previous ones. The song then forgot itself – becoming almost unlistenable. Upon which they would begin to peel back the layers of the song to arrive at something completely different. Take a listen.