New Music: The Western States Motel

Artist: The Western States Motel
Album: Freeway Freeway Riverbed
Homeland: California, USA
Release Date: February 2011
Track: “Country and Western Song”

The Western States Motel is the brain child of Monterey, CA native Carl Jordan. I fell in love with his home recorded EP, Painted Birds Flying in the Orange Mirror Sun, way back in 2008. Now he’s back with a new LP due out early next year called Freeway Freeway Riverbed.

The Western States Motel – New EP

The Western States Motel is the name given to the work of Monterey, CA native and Los Angeles resident Carl Jordan, whose first endeavor was the soundtrack to a short documentary on Johnny Cash’s infamous 1968 concert at Folsom Prison.   His latest EP, Painted Birds Flying in the Orange Mirror Sun, was recorded in the confines of his LA home and sounds like a sunnier, more optimistic Elliot Smith.  And that’s A-OK by me.

Take a listen to ‘Oh World:

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