EP of the Week: The Middle East [Album Giveaway]

The Middle East“The Darkest Side”


The Middle East is another Australian-based band with an interesting history and a bright future.  Formed in 2005, they recorded one album called The Recordings of The Middle East then split up.  Less than a year later, they regrouped and re-released an abridged version of that album as an EP that was released in the US late last year. It’s an absolutely gorgeous album comprised of a compelling combination of vocal harmonies, plunking guitars and electronic ambience. The group have just finished recording their debut album in Denton, TX and are hitting the road for an exhaustive tour.  They’ll be playing at San Francisco’s Slim’s on June 2 opening for Mumford & Sons. Don’t miss it as they’ll likely be headlining next time they come around. I wonder if they’ll be fated to change their name like The Muslims?

While you’re pondering that, I’ve got a couple of albums to giveaway to the first takers.  Hit me on email theocmd@gmail.com or Twitter @indierockgirl.