Pixie Carnation – “When Did the Lights Go Out”


Pixie Carnation – “When Did the Lights Go Out

@toomuchhappy Tweeted a while back: “If there was a music olympics Sweden would win a lot of golds. America would struggle. Britain would have a fucking empire.” I couldn’t agree more.  Proof to that point is Pixie Carnation.  Yet another outstanding up and coming band from Sweden.  When will it stop?  Not that I’m complaining but, my god, what’s in the water over there?

With an Americana-orchestral rock vibe, you’d be hard pressed to peg Pixie Carnation as your typical Swedish band.  The unsigned group self-released their debut EP, “Fresh Poems”, in May this year and it’s just starting to hit the US.  Keep your eyes on these guys.