Stuck In My Head: Flaming Lips – “Money (Pink Floyd Cover)”

The Flaming Lips – “Money (feat. Henry Rollins)

Leave it to The Flaming Lips to take one of my least favorite Pink Floyd songs and turn it into an obsession. The Flaming Lips reinterpretation of Pink Floyd’s legendary Dark Side of The Moon is out now.

The Soundtrack of Our Lives @ The Independent


Yes…yes…YES!  My favorite Swedish psyche rockers, The Soundtrack of Our Lives (T.S.O.O.L), are coming to the US and are scheduled to play The Independent March 15.  Tickets go on sale tomorrow morning at 10AM.  Led by singer Ebbot Lundberg, they are a combination of sixties rock giants like The Who and The Kinks, and psychedelic bands like Pink Floyd.

They are touring in support of their new double album, Communion, released last week. Clocking in at 24 songs, I’m still wading through it all.  But don’t miss this opportunity to see Sweden’s most prolific rock band, worshiped by rock legend Robert Plant himself.  

Listen to Babel On: