The Early Years – Psych Rock or Krautrock?

One of my favorite groups from last year, The Early Years, just released a single in the UK on vinyl this week. Apparently, the band has just finished recording their second album, but this is their first new material in a good while. 

The two new tracks, ‘Like a Suicide’ and ‘Computer Voice‘, are available for streaming on the band’s website.  I was so thrown off after sampling the tracks, I had to check three times to make sure I was on the right MySpace page.  Their self-titled debut album fell squarely into the category of psych rock for me, and I loved the way David Malkinson’s voice echoed David Gilmour at times.  These new tracks sound more like krautrock – not that it’s a bad thing…just different.

The A side, ‘Like A Suicide‘, is an electro, experimental number that moves into more familiar Early Years’ guitar-based territory as it progresses.   ‘The Computer Voice’, is krautrock meets Jim Morrison with loud guitar, drums and vocal loops that will send your head into psychedelic dreams – definitely my favorite of the two.

I still eagerly await their second album, but until then, you should check The Early Years debut album.  It’s  a good one. Featured here is the video for a single they released last year, ‘So Far Gone.

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