Concert Pick ‘O The Week: Sonic Youth + Sic Alps

Sonic Youth“Anti-Orgasm”

Sic Alps – “L Mansion”

Sonic Youth and San Francisco’s Sic Alps at the historic Fillmore this Sunday, January 10. Does the awesomeness of this show even need explanation?  I think not. See you there.

SF Spotlight: Sic Alps – “L Mansion”


Sic Alps – “L Mansion

Man, San Francisco’s lo-fi garage rock scene is on fuego. And it doesn’t get any hotter than Sic Alps. These guys are so good it’s stupid. So good they toured with Sonic Youth.  So prolific that every time I turn around they’re coming out with more music that gets better and better.

Comprised primarily of Matt Hartman and Mike Donovan, the single-happy duo has been churning out music together – and a lot of it – since 2004. Steeped in lo-fi scuzz, their sound combines elements of grungy garage rock and 60s psychedelia . It’s both timeless and fresh and I never get tired of listening to them.

“L Mansion” is a track of their new  7″, out now on Slumberland.