Harmonic Convergence: Fleet Foxes @ The Fillmore


Blitzen Trapper joins Fleet Foxes on stage for the final encore.

It was a lovely evening of music this Tuesday at The Fillmore with Blitzen Trapper and Fleet Foxes. Truth be told, Robin Pecknold’s new haircut threw me a bit and I spent much of the night coming to terms with it.  (Grow it back, I say!) The band pulled out some new songs throughout the night, showcasing Robin’s amazing pipes.  Musically, it was a bit ‘more of the same’ though.  And I couldn’t help question, with so much talent in that band, why some of the other members aren’t showcased? Drummer J. Tillman is an amazing artist and a force in his own right. I know the Fleet Foxes have ‘a sound’, which is incredible, but it is a lot of the same tempos and rhythms. So I couldn’t help wondering, are they missing an opportunity by not letting other band members come to the forefont?  It would certainly mix things up a bit and make for a more dynamic band – perhaps helping their longevity and fan engagement in the long run. What do you think?

Listen to “Sun It Rises”