New Fruitbats Album Coming Soon


Fruit Bats new album, The Ruminant Band, is due out 8/4 on Sub Pop.  After a four year hiatus, I’m looking forward to the upcoming album from Eric D. Johnson. Not that he hasn’t been busy in that time, playing with The Shins and Vetiver. But after a trying out his new material and band to a very eager audience earlier this year in San Francisco, it looks like his ruminations have finally crystallized into a full fledged album!

Check out the footage of them performing ‘The Ruminant Band’ on KEXP recently.

Fruit Bats @ Bottom of the Hill


Ah, what a great night of music with the Fruit Bats and Sera Cahoone last week at Bottom of the Hill.  It was a pedal guitar extravaganza, which is quite alright by me as it’s one of my favorite instruments.  It’s been more than 3 years since the Fruit Bats have played but you would never had known.  Eric D. Johnson is touring with a new band to try out some fresh material and it sounded lovely.  He’s a talented singer/songwriter with such sweet songs of love and nature it’s hard not to be smitten. They were good about mixing in the old with the new to keep the crowd happy too.  After countless requests for ‘The Little Acorn’, Eric finally obliged but had to do so solo because the band hadn’t learned that tune, which did surprise me.  How could you not include that song in your repertoire?  One of my favorites.

Listen to ‘The Little Acorn‘:

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Why I Pay $3.50 for Coffee


Now that’s service with a smile! Meet my  soy latte macchiato I drink every morning from Peet’s Coffee. It’s the only coffee I’ll drink.  This and Blue Bottle. A latte macchiato is a secret menu item you can order at pretty much any Peet’s Coffee in San Francisco. Outside of Peet’s and our snobby food town this drink doesn’t fly so well. I tried to get the guy at Blue Bottle to make this for me and we practically got into a fist fight.  

Sacrilege or not, they key to this drink is less milk, more foam and a shorter shot of espresso poured on top. The perfect balance of flavors and the soy milk makes it a little sweet and nutty so you don’t need to add any sugar. Try it!

Listen to Fruit Bats A Little Acorn’.  After a long hiatus, they are back and playing San Francisco’s Bottom of the Hill this Friday, 1/30 with Sera Cahoone.  A show that I’m very much looking forward to. For the rest of the world, they will be performing live as part of KEXP’s Broadcast from the Bay tomorrow at 1PM PST.