Album of the Week: The XX


Artist: The XX
Album: XX
Recommended if You Like: Night Music – a la Burial, Four Tet
Featured Track:Crystalised

Admittedly, for a blogger, I’m way late to the game on this one.  The album actually came out an entire month ago (gasp!) and is one of the more hyped bands on the blogosphere right now.  But that’s the way I tend to be, the music snob that I am. Get too much hype and I tend to get turned off.  But I succumbed happily to this West London group’s debut, XX, whose brand of nocturnal pop has me thoroughly entranced.

Melding an unsuspecting blend of contemporary R&B with reverb-soaked guitars and down-driven beats, these innovative 20-somethings have created a most delightful and intoxicating album. Atmospheric, intimate, sexy and half-drunk, XX is the perfect headphone hypnotica experience….and mood-maker. Players take heed.

San Francisco, The XX will be playing The Independent on November 23.