Album of the Week // BRONCHO

Say hello to your new favorite band, BRONCHO. Their new album, “Just Enough Hip to be Woman”, dropped today and is available to stream in its entirety on Soundcloud. The Oklahoma-based group swung by The Independent recently for an amazing live performance, where I snapped this pic of their guitarist, who is definitely hip enough to be a woman. A rad woman.

Indierockgirl Radio // Vol 2

Tracklist for the show that broadcast July 31, 2014. Tune in every Thursday from 4-6PM PM on!

  1. Peach Kelli Pop – “Julie Oulie”
  2. Habibi – “I Got The Moves”
  3. The Aislers Set – “The Way to Market Station”
  4. Billy Changer – “Barbarella”
  5. The Pharmacy – “Strange”
  6. Trance Farmers – “Lone Star”
  7. Gap Dream – “Strong Love”
  8. The Everywheres – “Unfortunate Direction”
  9. Jeremy Jay – “The Stranger”
  10. King Gizzard – “Black Tooth”
  11. Sauna Heat – “I’m Broke”
  12. Purling Hiss – “Learning Slowly”
  13. Naomi Punk – “Television Man”
  14. White Fang – “Chill Yourself”
  15. Dead Ghosts – “Summer with Phil”
  16. Cheri Cheri Jaguar – “Jaguar”
  17. SW/MM/NG – “All I Want”
  18. The Rosebuds – “In My Teeth”
  19. Secret Cities – “Paradise”
  20. Adam Stafford – “Please”
  21. Bird Call – “Every Day is Exactly the Same” (NIN cover)
  22. Holy Sons – “Beverly Hills” (Circle Jerks cover)
  23. Tom Vek – “Broke”
  24. Francois & The Atlas Mountains – “La Vie Dure”
  25. Misun – “Eli Eli”
  26. Little Racer – “Dancing”
  27. Lia Ices – “Thousand Eyes”
  28. Rivergazer – “Lonely”
  29. Blessed Feathers – “Huaycan Song 2”
  30. Faces on Film – “The Rule”

theOCMD Mixtape: Songbirds

The days are shorter, the nights are colder. And so I found myself compelled to make a mix to fit this mood. So here it is, a collection beautiful, etherial sounds from some of my favorite female artists. Songbirds who are Mon the rise whose sounds you can curl up to…or fly away with.

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